Everything you Need to Know Steam Ice Dam Removal

When you hear about Above All Renovations’ ice dam removal technique using high temperature steam, you may wonder why this is our method of choice. If your house suffers from major ice damming like many others in Winnipeg, we will only use steam to remove them from your roof and eavestroughs. To better serve our customers, we make an effort to provide only the best techniques available. If we were to use any other method, we would be putting your shingles and roof structure at risk.

ice damn rooftop removal

What makes steam the better option? Well, it’s easier to explain that by first eliminating the other options. Mechanical methods such as hammers, axes, or picks obviously risk damaging the shingles in case the swing goes too far and strikes the shingle surface, but even if you have perfect control over your hammer swings, this is still an easy way to damage the shingles. The vibration of the impacts slowly loosens the shingle granules, but the simple fact that the ice is frozen directly to the shingles means that when the ice is broken off above them, the granules are often ripped off in the process, even if the hammer never struck the shingles themselves. Then there are chemical methods which react with the ice in order to melt it; much like the salt that is often sprinkled on iced up walkways or roads. These methods are sometimes effective against the ice, but the chemical runoff usually causes residual damage to other surfaces of your house or the plants around it.

An ice dam steamer does not suffer from any of these side-effects. Our steamer uses every day, cold tap water and boils it up to produce 290°F (143°C) at the end of the nozzle. This focused beam of high temperature steam cuts channels through the ice dams, allowing them to be removed in chunks. Nothing is left behind where the ice dams used to be but perfectly clean shingles. When you call Above All Renovations, you can expect the best.