Preparing Your Roof for Winter

It feels like spring just arrived, but here we are – autumn is in the air, and the snow is soon going to start falling.

In Winnipeg, we’re tough, and we’re used to winter. The upcoming snowy season doesn’t faze us too much, because we know how to deal with it. We put snow tires on our cars, test-start the snow blower early, stock up on windshield deicer fluid and make sure the block heater is working.

There are also some things we need to do around the house to get it ready for winter. We bring in the most sensitive plants, wrap some of the shrubs in burlap, and turn off and drain the outdoor faucets.

But what about the roof? It is the part of the home that’s most exposed to the elements. Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure that your roof is able to do its’ job, and protect your home and family from the ravages of a prairie winter:

1) Visual inspection
Make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape by taking a good hard look for wear and tear. If any of your shingles appear to be lifting or curling, have them looked at.

2) Check your eavestroughs
Make sure they’re clean. If you find a lot of granular material from the surface of your shingles, you know that your roof is wearing out and you’re looking at some repair or replacement soon. Make sure that all of your downspouts are clear, and route water away from the foundation of your home.

3) Trees and Wires
Make sure that your roof isn’t going to be damaged by any trees or wires rubbing against it when the winter winds howl. If any branches are getting too close, have them trimmed. Call your local utility if any wires are hanging too low.

4) Prepare for Ice Dams
If you’ve had problems with ice dams in the past, take some preventive measures before the snow flies. Contact the professionals at Above All Roofing and Insulation to evaluate your situation. We can help you correct it – we offer all manner of services, including rooftop snow removal in the winter. Don’t risk your life up there – leave the danger to us.

At Above All Roofing, we have experience in evaluation, repair and replacement of all kinds of roofs. If you suspect a problem with your roof, call us to get a free estimate, or speak with one of our advisors who will come and look at your roof and offer expert advice.