Can Siding Be Installed In Winter? Yes!!!

Winter in Winnipeg can be harsh, but that doesn’t mean your siding installation project needs to be put on hold. Every fall and winter we get asked the same question, can siding be installed in winter? The answer is yes! Let’s talk about why installing siding during winter is a viable option for Winnipeg homeowners, while also reviewing the things you need to be aware of.

Winter Installation Misconception

Many homeowners ask the same question every winter, can siding be installed in winter? Most assume that winter is off-limits for siding projects due to the cold temperatures and challenging weather conditions. However, advancements in siding composite materials and installation techniques have made it possible to undertake such projects year-round, even in Winnipeg winter’s!

Things to be aware of

Scheduling Bonus

Many home renovation companies and construction contractors see a reduction in jobs and projects during winter. With fewer projects in the winter, contractors may have more availability, sometimes allowing homeowners to secure their preferred dates. This means scheduling your siding installation project may be easier than in popular spring and summer seasons. But clients also need to be aware that snowfall and extreme temperatures may affect scheduling and installation.

Understanding Siding Materials

  • Vinyl: Vinyl siding is one of the more popular siding options known for its durability and versatility. Despite being durable, it is recommended that vinyl siding not be installed in temperatures below -10°C. The primary challenge lies in the material’s rigidity. At lower temperatures, vinyl siding becomes less pliable, making it difficult to handle. To ensure a successful and long-lasting installation, it is advisable to undertake vinyl siding projects when temperatures are more moderate, allowing the material to flex and adhere properly for optimal results. This approach allows vinyl to exhibit its flexibility and adhere effectively, ensuring optimal results even in the demanding winter conditions of places like Winnipeg.
  • Engineered Wood: Engineered wood siding stands out as a favourable option for winter installations due to its composition and design. Unlike some other siding materials, engineered wood maintains a higher level of flexibility in cold temperatures, making it less susceptible to cracking or becoming brittle. The manufacturing process of engineered wood involves the combination of real wood fibres with advanced polymers, enhancing its resilience in various weather conditions, including winter. The pliability of engineered wood allows for smoother handling and installation even when temperatures drop. Homeowners in winter climates, like Winnipeg, can benefit from the convenience and versatility of engineered wood siding, making it a reliable choice for winter installations without compromising on quality or durability.
  • James Hardie Board: Known for its durability and versatility, James Hardie Board is a commendable option for winter siding installations. Engineered to withstand various climates, including cold temperatures, James Hardie Board exhibits exceptional resilience. Because it’s made of cement fibres and other durable components, it remains stable and resistant even in winter. Unlike other materials that may become brittle during installation, James Hardie Board retains its strength and integrity no matter the installation conditions, making it a reliable choice for homeowners looking to enhance their exteriors during winter. Its robust nature, combined with precise manufacturing, allows for a favourable installation process even in Winnipeg’s chilly climate, providing homeowners with a durable and visually appealing siding solution year-round.

Will Installation Take Longer?

Though your project may take a bit loner in winter, it also may not. It depends on a number of factors. It is important to understand that winter siding installations may take longer due to factors like unexpected snowfall, reduced sunlight, and shorter working hours.

Contractors may need to take extra precautions to handle some materials. On the other hand, advancements in technology and the availability of winter-friendly adhesive solutions have reduced these challenges. Some modern siding options, designed to withstand colder installation temperatures, allow for a more efficient installation process. The limited daylight hours can pose challenges as well, requiring a strategic approach to maximize productivity during the available daylight. Additionally, the reduced working hours due to the early sunset can affect the overall pace of the project.

To answer the question, can siding be installed in winter? The answer is a resounding, yes! Installing siding in winter is not only feasible but also comes with unique advantages. By dispelling common misconceptions, homeowners can make an informed decision about winter siding projects in Winnipeg. Because our seasoned contractors and crews are accustomed to working in Manitoba winter conditions, we strategically plan installations and consider potential snowfall. This ensures your siding project progresses smoothly year-round! By successfully managing all the factors that winter throws at us, we provide Winnipeg homeowners great looking & professional siding results, even during our famous Canadian winters!

Contact us to claim your free quote, and take advantage of our professional winter siding installation expertise. We’ll get your home looking like great before the spring arrives!