Cold Weather Home Insulation Problems

When the weather turns cold, and we turn on the heat in our homes, there can be tell-tale signs of insulation issues in our homes. If we know what those signs are, we can watch for them and seek a solution to those problems. Below is a list of some of the signs that may show up in colder weather that can indicate an insulation problem.

  • High heating costs
  • Walls cold to the touch
  • Cold floors
  • Hot spots on the roof where snow melts away
  • Mold growing on walls
  • Frost on walls
  • Uneven heat levels in the home

Inadequate insulation or unevenly applied insulation can allow heat to escape through the walls and roof of your home. This can require your furnace to work harder to keep an even temperature. Lacking or improperly installed vapor barriers and ventilation can also cause issues with your insulation that can create some of the signs listed above.

Above All has experts that understand every aspect of a home insulation and ventilation system and how they are meant to work together. If you see any of these signs of insulation problems in your home, call us. Our insulation experts would happen to provide you with a free consultation.