Soffit and Fascia

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A house with stucco exterior and a stone chimney.

Soffit and Fascia: Your Winnipeg Home’s Unsung Heroes

When it comes to your Winnipeg home’s exterior, soffit and fascia might not be the first things that come to mind. But these often-overlooked elements play a huge role in your home’s curb appeal, protection, and overall health. At Above All, we’re passionate about giving your soffit and fascia the attention they deserve.

Soffit: The Key to Healthy Ventilation

Vertical wood soffit on Winnipeg home entrance

Soffit refers to the panels that cover the underside of your roof overhang. We specialize in pre-finished aluminum soffits, both vented and non-vented. Think of vented soffits as your attic’s air intake. Our pre-finished aluminum soffit is available in vented and non-vented sections. Vented sections of soffit provide critical air flow from your eaves into your attic. This air flow is an important part of your roof’s ventilation system. It assists moisture and heat to flow upwards towards your roof vents and out of the house. This keeps your Winnipeg home comfortable and prevents issues like mold and rot. With our expert soffit installation, you’ll enjoy a maintenance-free finish that will look great for years.

Fascia: Protection and Style

Updated Winnipeg home with expertly matched eaves, soffit, fascia, and exteriors

Your home’s fascia is that vertical board running along your roofline. It’s both a protective barrier and an aesthetic detail! Our pre-finished aluminum fascia is installed over the wood trim board to protect it from the elements and give you a finished trim around your roof edge. Ditch those painting days by choosing our pre-finished fascia – it completely shields your wooden trim from the harsh Winnipeg weather. We even go the extra mile with custom fascia cladding to fit any style. Our fascia installation means a flawless fit and an upgrade to your home’s overall look.

Eavestroughs: Essential Water Drainage

Let’s not forget the importance of proper eavestroughs (gutters) in keeping your Winnipeg home safe from water damage. Slopes, driveways, and other factors can make proper installation  tricky, but our team ensures optimal drainage away from your foundation that prevents water damage.

Custom Cladding: Weatherproofing That Works

Our on-site custom aluminum cladding completely seals your window and door frames from the elements. Say goodbye to yearly painting and maintenance worries!


  • What is the life expectancy of a fascia and soffit?
    Top-quality materials like aluminum, paired with our expert installation, ensure your Winnipeg soffit and fascia will thrive for decades.
  • How do I know if my soffit needs replacing?
    Peeling paint, pest problems, or water damage mean it’s time to call the pros.
  • Which is better: aluminum or vinyl soffit?
    Both rock! Aluminum means zero rust or rot, while vinyl gives you lightweight flexibility and durability.
  • Why do soffits fall off?
    Poor installation, Winnipeg’s wild weather, or pest activity could be the culprits.
  • What is the difference between a fascia and a soffit?
    Remember: soffit is under the overhang, fascia is the vertical board along your roofline.

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