How to lower your home’s energy costs

Is there anything you can do to lower your home’s monthly energy costs?

It’s a question that many homeowners ask, and one of the reasons why window and door contractors and HVAC companies stay busy. One of the easiest ways to tackle the issue, however is the least expensive: reduce outside air infiltration and indoor air leakage.

Some studies have shown that the typical home can lose up to 40 per cent of its energy due to outside air finding its way indoors and conditioned air leaving. Eliminating these problems can reduce the load on your HVAC system and that can result in lower energy costs.

How does the outside air get in and conditioned air get out? Well, the obvious culprits would be through the attic or basement or even around your windows and doors; but while these areas might play a part, they’re usually not the primary culprits. Many of the problem spots are due to spaces not being adequately insulated.

Penetrations thorough the outside walls through utilities or vents can be difficult to insulate with fiberglas batts and the same is true for electrical outlets, switch boxes and even recessed lights that extend through your home’s exterior energy envelope.

While there may not have been a good solution when your home was constructed, there is now: polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation is different from fiberglas in that it can get into the smallest spaces and once there, it expands to prevent that air you just paid to heat or cool from getting out and any outside air from entering your home. Even better, it doesn’t loosen and fall out of the space as fiberglas sometimes can – when it’s in the penetration, it’s in there for good. If you want to lower your home’s energy costs, consider adding polyurethane spray foam to its outside walls.