Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Insulation Program – Tips for Homeowners

Manitoba Hydro Rebate Program

Manitoba Hydro offers many incentives to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Among them is the Power Smart Insulation Program; designed to help residents of the Province upgrade the existing insulation in their homes, which will help save in energy costs over the long run.

The program applies to homes build in 1999 or earlier, and will help cover the cost of improving existing insulation in foundations, exterior wall cavities, and attics. It will not cover replacement of existing insulation, only the addition of new material, and only to the specified Power Smart insulation level.

As a homeowner, you may elect to install the new insulation yourself, or work with a contractor. Either the contractor, or the retailer if you are doing the work yourself, will help you fill out the Home Insulation Program Rebate Application. You’ll need to know the measurements of your home (in square feet), the year in which it was built, the existing R-Value of the area that you are upgrading the insulation in, your heating type, and your Manitoba Hydro account number. To get an idea of the amount of rebate you might qualify for, you can use Manitoba Hydro’s Online Calculator.

At Above All Roofing and Insulation, we work with customers to ensure that they are getting the maximum benefit possible from the Power Smart Insulation Program, and also that they are making useful, positive changes to their home insulation.

Once you have applied, your contractor will receive pre-approval for your project, contact you, and you can start insulating. You will, of course, need to obtain all required permits for the work being done (at Above All, we handle this part). All work must be completed within 18 months. When it’s done, you will be able to submit the program paperwork and receive your rebate.

This program will help you offset the cost of adding insulation to your home, which will save you some money now. The increased thermal efficiency it will provide will save you money over the lifetime of your home. For more information, contact Above All online or by telephone at (204) 999-4674.