Metal Roofing vs. Shingled Roofings

For decades, roof replacement has been all about conventional asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have improved in quality over the years, with fiberglass replacing the felt mats of the past, thus extending their life expectancy from a controversial 15-20 years to a pleasant 30-35 years for most types of houses.

Because the material is easy to work with, and familiar to just about every roofing contractor in North America, labour costs for the installation of fibreglass shingles are lowest of all available roofing materials.

Not too long ago, if you wanted a roofing material with greater longevity than conventional shingles, you’d have to shell out for a truly premium material – cedar shakes, or in Winnipeg, synthetic versions of shakes, slate, or tiles. These materials were priced far out of reach of the average homeowner, increasing the proliferation of the more affordable asphalt shingles.

Today, metal roofing is giving homeowners a real alternative to fibreglass shingles. While it’s considerably more expensive to purchase and install (two to three times the price for the average home) it will last much longer. Installed correctly, a metal roof is warrantied for 50 years and expected to last much long. Once installed, it’s virtually maintenance free. Today’s engineered metal roofs are far more attractive than the utilitarian metal materials of the past, which could make your home look like a farmer’s outbuilding. Even if you just purchased your home, it’s satisfying to know you won’t have to look at a roof replacement before your final mortgage payment.

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