Signs of Insulation Problems in Warm Weather

Warmer weather can bring about evidence of insulation issues that are hidden out of sight in your walls or ceilings. Many homeowner’s miss the chance to correct these insulation problems because they are not aware of the signs they need to look for. Below we’ve listed several signs that may indicate there is an issue related to the insulation in your home.

  • High cooling costs
  • Mold growing in the basement
  • Inefficiency of air conditioning system
  • Moisture spots on the ceiling during the spring thaw

Home insulation is there to keep the heat out during warm weather, and high cooling costs can definitely indicate that your home could use better or more insulation, but there is much more to proper home insulation than that. Proper installation of moisture barriers and venting systems are also key factors that work in relation to your home’s insulation. If moisture from humidity finds its way into your attic during cold months and freezes, it can show up as moisture leaking through your ceiling
when the frost and ice in your attic begin to melt.

If your air conditioning system seems to have difficulty cooling and removing humidity from your home, it may be an issue with the AC system, but it also could be a sign of an insulation problem. Both possibilities should be checked out.

If you are seeing any of these warm weather signs of an insulation problem, we would be happy to inspect the insulation of your home and offer an expert opinion regarding your insulation needs.