Wall Insulation is Like a Good Winter Coat

Winter in Winnipeg can be challenging, and with average winter nights dropping below zero it should come as no surprise to hear that roughly 13% of Manitoba’s annual energy use goes toward heating homes. The costs associated with heating your home can become oppressive if your structure isn’t properly insulated. Comfort and cost levels aside, a well insulated and ventilated home is a healthier living environment for you and your family.

The comparison of wall insulation to a good winter coat is valid on more than one level. A good coat provides warmth, comfort, and protection from wind and water. A good coat also contains different layers that are often composed of different materials in order to gain the desired benefits. Wall insulation works in much the same way, with varied layers working together for overall benefit.

Proper insulation is usually a job best left to professionals, and the highly qualified staff at Above All Roofing & Exteriors is well equipped to deal with any situation, from new construction to retrofitting existing buildings. Above All takes care of the details that make the difference between a good job and an inferior installation. They know how moisture and air behave, and precisely how much insulation to use to achieve the correct R or RSI values.

Experienced estimators are just a phone call (204-999-4674) or a click away. If your insulation isn’t what it should be, now is the time to fix the situation.